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Chauncey -Theater 1
Monday, Apr 15, 2024 7:00 PM
A merchant's daughter is betrothed to a local butcher but loves a poet.
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Presented at FilmScene with live original music by pianist Donald Sosin and violinist Alicia Svigals

"Viewers who surrender to the uninhibited...will enjoy the madcap and occasionally chaotic creativity on full display."— Diane Carson, Alliance of Women Film Journalists

One of the most unusual, artistic and fabulous films from American Indie history, The Man Without a World is credited to legendary Soviet director Yevgeny Antinov...but that is far from the whole truth. Directed by performance artist and filmmaker Eleanor Antin, The Man Without a World is a moving, comic melodrama set in a typical shtetl in Poland. The Jews’ struggle against poverty and racial hatred is complicated by their own division into hostile political factions of the religious orthodoxy, assimilationists, socialists, Zionists, anarchists and survivors. While the Jews of the shtetl pursue their loves, politics, religion, business and dreams for the future, the Angel of Death is ever near.

Restoration funding provided by the Sunrise Foundation for Education and the Arts. New score composed and performed by Alicia Svigals (violin) and Donald Sosin (piano). Digital picture restoration by lluminate Hollywood. Restoration supervised by Ross Lipman in consultation with Eleanor Antin.

Series Info
Series:Special Event
Reel Representation
Film Info
Director:Eleanor Antin
Featuring:Pier Maton
Christine Berry
Anna Henriques
Eleanor Antin
Runtime:98 minutes
Rating:Not Rated
Year Released:1992
Production Country:USA
Language:No Dialogue