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Chauncey -Theater 2
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 4:15 PM
A screening and discussion of Brazilian filmmaker Grace Passô's República and Dazed Flesh.
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This event is FREE and open to the public.

(2020, Brazil) Dirs. Grace Passô, 16 minutes

The pandemic brandishes the extent of the necropolitics operating in the country, and its society goes through a crisis of ethics amidst a government which is the exact expression of colonialist power. República is a short film made at home, with a domestic structure, at the beginning of the 2020 quarantine, in downtown São Paulo, Brazil.

(2019, Brazil) Dirs. Grace Passô, Ricardo Alves Júnior, 46 minutes

A wandering voice is able to invade any matter—solid, liquid, or gaseous—and it decides for the first time to invade a woman's body. From this experience it narrates what it feels as a subject, what "it" pretends to feel, what is unfathomable in itself, what its image is to the others, and probes what a body means as a social construction.

Featured still sourced from REPÚBLICA

Series Info
Series:Frequências: Contemporary Afro-Brazilian Cinema & the Black Diaspora
Reel Representation
Film Info
Runtime:90 minutes
Director:Grace Passô
Year Released:2020
Production Country:Brazil