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Chauncey -Theater 2
Saturday, Mar 25, 2023 7:00 PM
A girl group find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy to deliver subliminal messages through popular music.
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"Boasts a self-referential irreverence that gleefully attacks pop culture by using members of pop culture."—Dan Jardine, Cinemania

"[John Carpenter's] They Live for the *NSYNC generation."—Cory Woodroof, 615 Film

The Pussycats are a high school rock band on the verge of megastardom. Little do they know that their music is being used by the record label to sell kids the latest trends. This adaptation of characters from Archie Comics for the new millennium that used the aggressive aesthetics of the moment to satirize the commercialization of the contemporary pop music industrial complex was—unsurprisingly—criminally misunderstood at the time of its release. Having since gained cult classic status, the Y2K rock musical that was a formative piece of pop culture in the girl power era remains just as incisive and biting over twenty years since its initial release.

Series Info
Series:Movies are the New Comics
Reel Representation
Film Info
Runtime:98 minutes
Director:Deborah Kaplan, Harry Elfont, Marc Webb
Year Released:2001
Production Country:USA