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Chauncey -Theater 3
Sunday, Jan 29, 2023 12:30 PM
James and Em Foster are enjoying an all-inclusive beach vacation in the fictional island of La Tolqa, when a fatal accident exposes the resort's perverse subculture of hedonistic tourism, reckless violence and surreal horrors.
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"A mind-bending neon-lit nightmare bursting at the seams with perverse imagery, an abrasive embrace of the grotesque, and a ravishing explosion of seduction and power."—Poulomi Das, The Playlist

"Gets under your skin and makes your flesh crawl...A fantastic execution of style and form; of depravity and lunacy." —Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm

"The cinematic equivalent of an M.C. Escher drawing, which bends and breaks and folds back on itself in impossible ways." —Peter Debruge, Variety

While staying at an isolated island resort, James (Alexander Skarsgård) and Em (Cleopatra Coleman) are enjoying a perfect vacation of pristine beaches, exceptional staff, and soaking up the sun. But guided by the seductive and mysterious Gabi (Mia Goth), they venture outside the resort grounds and find themselves in a culture filled with violence, hedonism, and untold horror. A tragic accident leaves them facing a zero tolerance policy for crime: either you’ll be executed, or, if you’re rich enough to afford it, you can watch yourself die instead.

A Blue Carpet Dash Film

Series Info
Series:New Release Films
Film Info
Runtime:117 minutes
Director:Brandon Cronenberg
Year Released:2023
Production Country:Canada