Chauncey -Theater 1 Wed, Mar 13 10:00 PM
Event Info
Dialogue Details:6:00 p.m. Pinball tournament at SpareMe Bowl
Series Info
Series:Late Shift at the Grindhouse
Film Info
Director:Rudy Durand
Featuring:Brooke Shields, Charles Durning, Lorenzo Lamas
Runtime:111 minutes
Year Released:1979
Production Country:USA


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Tilt (1979)

Directed by Rudy Durand

Featuring: Brooke Shields, Charles Durning, Lorenzo Lamas

Brooke Shields stars as a teenage pinball hustler.  Maybe you can beat the real life pinball hustlers at Spare Me's monthly pinball tournament before the movie.  

"I was wondering why this movie seems so deranged and then I saw the credits. It was co-written by Donald Cammell, who made Performance and it all makes sense." - Sam Panico, B&S About Movies


"It’s really a very mean-spirited little movie." - GoldenPigsy's Gilded Trough


"The film’s final sequence in which Tilt and The Whale get together late at night in an empty bar and challenge each other to a pinball contest is the best scene in the whole movie." - Richard Winters, Scopophilia: Movies of the 60's, 70's, 80's

In between Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon an impossibly young Brooke Shields (nicknamed "Tilt") starred as a hotshot pinball wizard in this tale inspired by Paul Newman's The Hustler.  It is the story of a precocious teenage girl, an expert at pinball, who is waiting for the chance to run away from home.  Her opportunity arrives in the person of a traveling rock n roll singer who teaches her the ropes of pinball hustling.  

Tilt brings the game of pinball and the vintage machines themselves to life with fascinating cinematography, putting you right in the game.