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Year Released:2024
Production Country:Iowa City


Presented with generous support from Hills Bank and Trust Company
Complete the form at the following link to apply for a scholarship: HERE.

Registration for Spring Break camp closes on Monday, March 4th at noon. No additional registrations allowed past that time.

Tell your own animated stories with FilmScene! At Spring Break Camp, camper creations come to life! Join us for five unique days of spring break animation camp, each day is something new!

Lead instructor Jarrod DeRooi and an assistant will introduce campers to the powerful Stop Motion Pro software, working hands-on with iPads and various artistic mediums.

This spring break camp is March 11-15, each camp DAILY, for students in grades 3 through 8.

Monday, March 11 - Claymation
Tuesday, March 12 - Armatures
Wednesday, March 13 - Lego
Thursday, March 14 - Pixilation
Friday, March 15 - Green Screen and Multi-Pane

Up to 20 campers may register for in-person camp each day. Camp will be held at FilmScene on the Ped Mall, located at 118 E. College in Iowa City. All technology and supplies included for in-person camp. Each day includes stretching, snack breaks and games. Two snacks provided. Lunch is not provided. Students should bring their own lunch.
The Instructor:
This will be Jarrod DeRooi’s 10th year teaching for FilmScene.  His interest in stop motion started in his youth, his early animations and movies all filmed on his prized Sony Handycam.  He is overjoyed to get to share his love for stop motion with young artists.  Jarrod formerly worked for the Iowa City Community School District but now spends his time outside of camp writing, drawing and running a small organic farm. 

Camp is Jarrod’s favorite time of year, and there is no place he would rather spend it than at Film Scene, working with the next generation of filmmakers! 

TUITION  $65/day
Tuition must be paid in full for each day of camp at time of registration.

Scholarships are available through the generous support of Hills Bank and Trust Company. Please complete the form at the following link to apply for a scholarship HERE.

SCHEDULE  Monday through Friday, 8:15am - 3:00pm
8:15-8:30 - Drop off
8:30 - Camp begin
10:00 - Snack break
10:15 - Camp resumes
12:30 - Lunch break
3:00-3:30 - Camper pickup

This spring break we are trying something new!  In order to best fit with other spring break plans, like travel, time with family, and good old-fashioned relaxation, we are offering single-day sessions of camp, each highlighting a specific type or medium of animation.  Below is our daily schedule and brief description of each day’s activities.

Monday - Claymation

Clay and animation have gone hand in hand since the beginning of the craft.  In class, we will be focusing on the Squash and Stretch and Appeal principles of animation while creating a huge array of zany characters and worlds for them to exist in.  

Tuesday - Armatures

This will be our first foray into using formal armatures in our animation camps.  Armatures (the posable skeletons within animation puppets) are used in many modern day animations involving three-dimensional humanoid characters. In class, we will be constructing character shapes and then use them to demonstrate realistic movement, ranging from dancing to sword-fighting.   

Wednesday - Lego

In our current YouTube era, Lego animations are very, very popular.  In class, we will be mixing animation with the dreaming, designing, and building that any lover of Lego thrives on.  The toys will seem to build themselves, go on adventures…and, likely at some point, explode.

Thursday - Pixilation 

Pixilation is a long-standing favorite in our summer camps.  In this form of animation, real people are the puppets.  By using solid cinematic tricks, good timing, and a slew of very awkward poses, Pixilation provides animators the ability to break the laws of physics, creating the illusion of ordinary people doing very extraordinary things.  

Friday - Green Screen and Multi-Pane 

Where the other days of camp are largely focused on what is happening in the foreground, this day is all about the backgrounds.  Green Screens have long been used in filmmaking, and have only gained popularity as digital effects have become the norm in the process.  In class, we will be using both Green Screens and a more conventional method of animation special effects, Multi-Pane animation.  Multi-Pane is the process of having multiple separated layers of glass with different pieces of the animation moving on each layer, giving the illusion that all layers are a part of complete image.

FilmScene is a mask friendly space and we encourage vaccinations as an effective public health policy. 
If for whatever reason FilmScene must cancel a camp session at any point, full refunds will be given to all registrants.

If you need assistance, please email camp@icfilmscene.org.