Chauncey -Theater 3 Fri, Nov 17 12:00 PM
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Ped Mall -The Screening Room Tue, Nov 21 6:30 PM
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Series Info
Series:New Release Films
Film Info
Director:Rodrigo Moreno
Featuring:Biography IMDbPro Daniel Elías, Esteban Bigliardi, Margarita Molfino
Runtime:189 minutes
Rating:Not Rated
Year Released:2023
Production Country:Argentina


"A meandering and hilarious delight from end to end." —David Jenkins, Little White Lies

"A genius tragicomedy."—Carlos Aguilar, The Playlist

"A caper flick, a moral parable, a comedy of coincidences, and an existential probe."—Pat Brown, Slant Magazine

Beguiling and unpredictable, Cannes Un Certain Regard breakout The Delinquents reinvents the heist film as a free-flowing adventure like no other. Buenos Aires bank employee Morán (Daniel Eliás) dreams up a scheme to liberate himself from corporate monotony: he’ll steal enough money to support a modest retirement, then confess and serve prison time while his co-worker holds on to the cash. Soon under pressure by a company investigator, accomplice Román (Esteban Bigliardi) heads to a remote rural idyll to hide the funds. There, he encounters a mysterious woman who will transform his life forever.The latest from Argentinian writer-director Rodrigo Moreno, The Delinquents melds the existential and the playful to explore the nature of freedom itself. Suffused with timeless beauty, this cinematic discovery is at turns surreal, relatable, funny, romantic, surprising, restorative – and above all – a delight.

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