Chauncey -Theater 1 Wed, Oct 4, 2023 10:00 PM
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Dialogue Details:Rot director Carrsan T. Morrissey joins us at FilmScene to present a tale of a love and despair.
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Series:Late Shift at the Grindhouse
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Director:Tony Scott (Top Gun)
Featuring:Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, Susan Sarandon
Runtime:97 minutes & 31 minutes
Year Released:1983
Production Country:UK


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The Hunger (1983)

Directed by Tony Scott (Top Gun)

Featuring: Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, Susan Sarandon

Nothing human loves forever. 

Plus a short film of love and despair from Carrsan T. Morrissey. 

"Released in 1983, the slick, haunting mood piece was maligned by Reagan-era critics and audiences who were perhaps looking for more traditional bloodsucker fare." - Kenneth Sweeney, American Cinematrographer

"The kind of film that inspires entire subcultures." - Sam Panico, B&S About Movies

"This may arguably be Bowie’s finest hour on screen. He’s confused, frightened and desperate as he starts aging and allows some real pathos into the role." - Werewolves on the Moon

Miriam Blaylock collects Renaissance art, ancient Egyptian pendants, lovers, and souls.  Alive and fashionably chic in Manhattan, Miriam is an ageless vampire.  Although "vampire" is not a word you'll hear in this movie based on the novel by Whitley Strieber (Wolfen).  Instead, debuting feature director Tony Scott fashions a hip, sensual, modern-gothic makeover.  Catherine Deneuve radiates macabre elegance as Miriam, blessed with beauty, cursed with bloodlust.  David Bowie is fellow fiend and refined husband John.  In love, in life, in longing, they are inseparable.  But when John abruptly begins to age and turns to a geriatrics researcher (Susan Sarandon) for help, Miriam soon eyes the woman as a replacement for John.  The Hunger is insatiable.  

Plus the short film:

Rot (2023)

Directed by Carrsan T. Morrissey (The Salvages)

31 min. 

Director Carrsan T. Morrissey joins us at FilmScene to present a tale of a newly-wedded couple, a mysterious stranger, and a terrifying illness.  

LGBTQ Iowa Archives and Library will be tabling in the lobby before the screening.