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Series Info
Series:Late Shift at the Grindhouse
Film Info
Director:Chris Sivertson (The Lost)
Featuring:Lindsay Lohan, Art Bell
Runtime:105 minutes
Year Released:2007
Production Country:USA


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I Know Who Killed Me (2007)

Directed by Chris Sivertson (The Lost)

Featuring: Lindsay Lohan, Art Bell

Lindsay Lohan stars in a stylish Argento-influenced giallo which was savaged by critics and misunderstood by audiences in its initial release. 

"I Know Who Killed Me opened itself up to me as something much more than laughably bad horror—it was an avant-garde vision; a rich, modern Giallo disguised by the press and its marketing as gratuitous torture porn, too ahead of its time to be properly understood." - Coleman Spilde; Top Shelf, Low Brow

"A close-minded America dismissed I Know Who Killed Me as working nadir of a woman hitting her own rock bottom. Little did they realize they were getting a glimpse of the Lindsay that could’ve been." - Charles Bramesco, The Guardian

"Time has allowed people a bit more perspective, with recent comparisons of I Know Who Killed Me to the style of Brian De Palma and David Lynch. In point of fact, the rich cinematography (mostly saturated in blue) is very akin to De Palma’s long-running preference for bombastic, Miami-inspired hues." - Genna Rivieccio, Culled Culture

Aubrey Fleming (Lindsay Lohan) was living the small town life, until the day she was abducted by a sadistic killer.  After a frantic search, Aubrey turns up alive, but changed.  She is missing limbs, but has gained a new personality - that of bad girl Dakota Moss.  Her parents and the FBI think she's suffering from delusions, but if "Dakota" is just a trick of her mind, why do strange wounds keep appearing on her body?  Desperate and alone, Aubrey must now unlock family secrets to unmask a mysterious killer with a deadly obsession.

Plus a Something Weird short film!