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Series:Special Event
Film Info
Director:Barry Levinson
Featuring:Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Valeria Golino
Runtime:133 minutes
Year Released:1988
Production Country:USA


Presented in partnership with the University of Iowa Libraries and Bijou Film Board

"A delightful and sentimental film." —Mark Johnson, Awards Daily

"The delight is in the fineness of the storytelling, by Barry Levinson from a wonderful script by Ronald Bass and Barry Morrow."—Bill Cosford, Miami Herald

"Levinson directs with tremendous skill and sympathy, and a rich sense of humor."—David Stratton, Sydney Morning Herald

Join the University of Iowa Libraries for a 35th anniversary screening of Rain Man at FilmScene followed by a chat with the film’s Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Barry Morrow. Morrow will discuss his inspirations for the film and how his time living in Iowa City influenced his career. Jen Knights and Andrew Sherburne will moderate the discussion. This event is in connection with Hey Buddy, I’m Bill, the Main Library Gallery’s fall exhibition about Bill Sackter. Learn more about the exhibit at lib.uiowa.edu/gallery.

When car dealer Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) learns that his estranged father has died, he returns home to Cincinnati, where he discovers that he has an autistic older brother named Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) and that his father's $3 million fortune is being left to the mental institution in which Raymond lives. Motivated by his father's money, Charlie checks Raymond out of the facility in order to return with him to Los Angeles. The brothers' cross-country trip ends up changing both their lives.

BARRY MORROW is an Emmy and Academy Award-winning screenwriter. Rain Man, 1988’s “Best Picture of the Year,” is remembered both for its artistic merits and as the highest-grossing Oscar-winner of its time, as well as for its global impact on awareness of autism. Morrow’s Emmy-winning autobiographical story, Bill (1981), was similarly groundbreaking in its portrayal of a person with intellectual disabilities. Morrow lived in Iowa City in the 1970s and worked for the University of Iowa School of Social Work. Bill Sackter, of Wild Bill’s Coffee Shop fame, was an important part of his family and inspired Bill and other works. Originally from the Midwest, Barry and his wife Bev now reside in California.

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