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Series Info
Series:The Picture Show
Film Info
Runtime:69 minutes
Director:Don Bluth
Year Released:1988
Production Country:USA


The Picture Show Family and Children's Series presented by MidWestOne Bank

Free for Kids! Adult Admission $5!

Kids, don't forget to pick up your Picture Show Passport, full of games, brain-teasers and film facts. Bring your Passport back to FilmScene each Picture Show screening for stickers, prizes and more!

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“An engrossing adventure for children.” - Detroit Free Press

“Like scenes from a beautifully drawn child’s picture book.” - Miami Herald

"Appropriate for ages 5+." - Common Sense Media

Join The Iowa Children's Museum for a prehistoric adventure! We're excited to offer hands-on dinosaur activities for your little ones before the showings of the beloved classic movie, The Land Before Time. Activity stations will include sand exploration, dinosaur habitat building, and sorting/puzzles for your budding paleontologist. Let your child's imagination run wild as they learn about amazing creatures from the past.

Littlefoot (Gabriel Damon), a young plant-eating dinosaur, is orphaned after his mother (Helen Shaver) perishes while protecting him from a vicious carnivore. With her last breath, she tells him how to get to the legendary Great Valley, where he will be reunited with others of his kind. With his friend Cera (Candace Hutson), Littlefoot sets out for the fabled land, meeting a variety of new friends along the way -- while also being tracked by the killer dinosaur that mortally wounded his mother.