Chauncey -Theater 1 Sat, Sep 17, 2022 1:00 PM
Series Info
Series:Community Collaborations
Film Info
Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:90 minutes
Director:Jack C. Newell
Year Released:2021
Production Country:USA


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Presented in partnership with Community Health Initiative Haiti

Purchase tickets on a Pay-What-You-Want sliding scale from $0.01-$1000 ($10 suggested donation)

Proceeds going to support CHI Haiti to work in solidarity to create healthy, empowered, and self-directed communities in Haiti.

With a post-screening discussion with speakers to be announced.

A Community Collaborations event presented by GreenState Credit Union

Development, history, and colonialism collide when a seemingly simple aid project spirals out of control in Haiti. When a well-meaning but headstrong American volunteer clashes with a Haitian school principal, their conflict forces a reckoning on privilege and power. When semi-retired construction worker Tim Myers hears an NPR story after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, he is so moved that he decides to build a school in rural Haiti. His proposal for a new building is readily accepted by Principal Anselme Saimplice, who’s currently holding classes in makeshift buildings. Very quickly, things spiral out of control. Trying to teach Haitian laborers new skills, Tim imposes his style of construction and values. And as filmmakers and aid workers spend more time in the village, Saimplice reveals himself to be more complicated than the vibrant, selfless community leader the radio story represented. Offering an unflinching close-up look at how deeply entrenched systemic issues play out in communities affected by natural disasters, combined with expert interviews that help frame the larger context, this doc sheds light on the need for new solutions in the fight against global poverty.