FilmScene in the Park Sat, Sep 3 7:45 PM
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Series:FilmScene in the Park
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Runtime:114 minutes
Director:Martin Ritt
Year Released:1979
Production Country:USA


FilmScene in the Park is presented by McComas Lacina Construction in collaboration with Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department.

Event sponsored by Iowa Labor History Society, The University of Iowa Labor Center

FREE and open to the public

"I can't cheer this movie enough...this is simply a good film."—Michael Ventura, L.A. Weekly

A Labor Day Presentation!

In an Oscar-winning performance, Sally Field is unforgettable as Norma Rae, the Southern millworker who revolutionizes a small town and discovers a power in herself she never had. Under the guidance of a New York unionizer (Ron Leibman) and with increasing courage and determination, Norma Rae organizes her fellow factory workers to fight for better conditions and wages. Based on a true story, this film is the mesmerizing tale of a modern day heroine.