Chauncey -Theater 1 Sat, Dec 18, 2021 9:30 PM
Chauncey -Theater 2 Mon, Dec 20, 2021 4:30 PM
Chauncey -Theater 1 Wed, Dec 22, 2021 7:00 PM
Series Info
Series:Holiday Classics
Film Info
Runtime:132 minutes
Director:John McTiernan
Year Released:1988
Production Country:USA


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"It's a glorious scene-stealer for Alan Rickman, though it's a credit to Willis's cheeky charisma that his scene is not in fact stolen." - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

"Die Hard is an action picture with a capital A. In fact, you might as well go ahead and capitalize the whole darn word." Jay Boyar, Orlando Sentinel

It's Christmas Eve, and New York Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) is in L.A. visiting his estranged wife (Bonnie Bedelia) and children. At her holiday office party the festivities are interrupted by a group of German terrorists who take over the exclusive high-rise and begin taking hostages. McClane is the only one who can save them from criminal mastermind Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman). Yippee-ki-yay mistletoers!