Ped Mall -Scene 1 Fri, Oct 13, 2017 8:00 PM
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Series:Late Shift at the Grindhouse
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Runtime:All Night
Year Released:2017


FilmScream - All-night horror marathon presented by FilmScene


The screams are coming from inside the building at our second annual 12-hour fright fest!


Tickets $40 public / $30 members / $25 for UI students with ID (box office only) includes a bottomless cup of coffee, breakfast, and a commemorative keepsake! Plus midnight pizza, specialty drinks and prizes galore!


Six features in Scene 1 plus trailers, vintage snack bar advertisements and demented Halloween fun! And don't forget your sleeping bag and pillow for the Screeming Room reanimation lounge.




Secret Screening #1

Directed by ???


A masked killer vengefully hunts down two notorious gunslingers, while a young woman holds the lives of many an innocent in her hands.

A new fright film you wouldn't normally be able to see until next year!  What is the secret of the Secret Screening?  Show up on Friday the 13th and find out!

Dreaming Purple Neon (2016)

Directed by Todd Sheets (House of Forbidden Secrets)


Writer/Director Todd Sheets will be in attendance to introduce the film and participate in a post screening Q&A!

"If I had to describe this film, I would say the original Evil Dead meets Pulp Fiction and Demons with a bit of David Lynch, David Cronenberg and Lucio Fulci thrown in. It even has a touch of Sergio Leone Western.... It's an original, that's for sure. Grindhouse at heart, Horror to the core but with the fun of a 70s Drive In Movie....." - writer/director Todd Sheets


"Holy Fucking Shit!  It’s another balls to walls horror film from Todd mother fucking Sheets!" - Tim Gross,

(trailer is possibly Not Safe For Work)

Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Directed by Steve Miner (Lake Placid)


After The annual Friday the 13th tradition continues with free Jason masks!


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to camp... here's even more heart-pounding terror.  


Five years after the horrible bloodbath at Camp Crystal Lake, all that remains is the legend of Jason Voorhees and his demented mother, who had murdered seven camp counselors.  At the nearby summer camp, the new counselors are unconcerned about the warnings to stay away from the infamous site.  Carefree, the young people roam the area, not sensing the ominous lurking presence.  One by one, they are attacked and brutally slaughtered.  Suspense and screams about in this compelling thriller.


"Surpasses its predecessor." - David J. Wilson,



The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (1986)

Directed by Toby Hooper (Poltergeist)


The buzzz is back!


In 1974, horror fans rejoiced upon the release of Tobe Hooper's masterpiece, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.  The movie raised the stakes of in-your-face filmmaking and changed the face of horror.  Twelve years later, Hooper and the Sawyer clan are back with this deviously entertaining sequel, starring Dennis Hopper in one of the most deliciously crazed performances of his career. 

For a decade, Texas Ranger Lefty Enright (Hopper) has sought to avenge the brutal murder of his kin by the cannibalistic Sawyer family - Leatherface, Chop-Top, The Cook and Grandpa.  With the help of a radio DJ (Caroline Williams), who's also bent on putting an end to the terror, Lefty fins his way to the Sawyers' underground slaughter shop, where a battle of epic proportions will soon rage... and the line between good and evil gets chopped to bits!

"It was an odd and ballsy choice to go with a comedic sequel to one of the most harrowing and legendary horror films in American history, but that is exactly what Tobe Hooper did, and it actually works." - Robin Bougie, Cinema Sewer

Secret Screening #2

Directed by ???


He's not human... he's a monster... an immortal warrior.


What is the secret of the secret screening?  Show up on Friday the 13th to find out and see this film before it's released to the general public.


Re-Animator (1985)

Directed by Stuart Gordon (Robot Jox)


Deep within a Lovecraftian morgue, the secret of life and death has some very messy consequences.


Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) is a new Miskatonic University student who also moonlights as a mad scientist, intent on perfecting a serum that "re-animates" corpses.  Soon, everyone wants a piece of the action, including an evil professor and his army of slime-covered deadites. 

Director Stuart Gordon and producer Brian Yuzna's joint debut, this epochal and awe-inspiring amalgam of Frankenstein and Revenge of the Nerds is a hyperactive dose of gruesome insanity beloved by horror audiences all over the world.  With berserker theatrics + career-defining roles from horror icons Combs and Barbara Crampton, Re-Animator is a masterpiece of its genre.

"One of the greatest horror movies ever made." - Entertainment Weekly

(trailer is possibly Not Safe For Work)