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Chauncey -Theater 2
Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019 10:00 PM
The ultimate experience in grueling horror...is back! The Evil Dead returns to theaters for the first time in 4K, restored from the original 16mm camera negatives with a terrifying new 5.1 surround soundtrack. Iowa City Community Theatre will join us before the screening to perform a musical selection from their upcoming production of Evil Dead: The Musical!
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Admission Grindhouse - $7.08

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Wednesdays get weird when Late Shift hosts Ross Meyer, Joe Derderian and Aaron Holmgren dig up low-budget b-movies, horror and gore-fests, and camp classics for your viewing pleasure. Buy your ticket and take a ride in our Time Machine! Punch in and earn a bonus! $3 Big Grove Boomtown Ale tallboys and $2 small popcorn! PLUS -- special custom trash trailer reel curated by Ross with cheap swag and prize giveaways!

"Mixing the sound for Evil Dead in the early 80's, we were forced to shove everything into one monaural box. As a result, Joe LoDuca's great score had to compete unfairly with Kandarian Demons, gore sounds effects and lots of screaming. With this new release, Joe can finally have his dynamic composition mixed, balanced and featured properly - for perhaps the first time ever!"
- Bruce Campbell

"Outrageously graphic roller coaster ride through the horror heaven has just about every effect you'd ever want to see. Clever, scary, and in some sequences, simply exhilarating." - Chas. Balun, the Gore Score

"The most ferociously original horror film of the year." - Stephen King

WINNER: Prize of the International Critics' Jury (Sam Raimi) - Catlonian International Film Festival, 1982

The Evil Dead, director Sam Raimi's (Darkman, The Quick and the Dead, Army of Darkness, A Simple Plan) first feature film, is a true cult classic in every sense of the word. The Evil Dead tells the tale of a group of friends who go to a cabin the woods, where they find an unspeakable evil lurking the forest. They find the Necronomicon, the book of the dead, and become deadly zombies. With only one remaining (Bruce Campbell), it is up to him to survive the night and battle the Evil Dead.

This special edition of The Evil Dead presents the horror classic for the first time with a re-imagined score by original composer Joseph LoDuca and a thrilling new 5.1 surround mix created by Marti Humphrey and Jussi Tegelman, the award-winning sound crew behind Drag Me to Hell and Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Be sure to catch Evil Dead: The Musical from Iowa City Community Theatre with direction by William Asmus and musical direction by Jessica Palmer at the Johnson County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall A October 25 - 27 and October 31 - November 3.

Series Info
Series:Late Shift at the Grindhouse
Film Info
Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:85 minutes
Director:Sam Raimi (Drag Me to Hell)
Year Released:1981
Production Country:USA