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Virtual Film Category:Bijou Film Board
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Series:Bijou Horizons
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Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:105 minutes
Director:King Hu
Year Released:1973
Production Country:Hong Kong


"With its bevy of female stars, action chreographed by Sammo Hung, and classic inn setting, this 1973 classic is prime for rediscovery" - Sean Gilman, MUBI
"The Fate of Lee Khan is to the Chinese martial arts movie what Once Upon a Time in the West is to the Italian Western: a brilliant anthology of its genre's theme and styles, yielding an exhilaratingly original vision."- Time Out
"In fact, The Fate of Lee Khan is Hu's only film with so many female fighters. The women alone form a marvelous stock company, giving the film much of its indomitable energy and spirit. Of all the action directors, Hu was the most sympathetic to women. It was he who virtually created the image of female stoicism in the martial arts cinema.... In Hu's pictures, one sees women as the epitome of cool, taciturn heroines every inch the equal of male heroic stereotypes from Gary Cooper to Bruce Lee."- Stephen Teo, Sense of Cinema

In his follow-up to the critically-acclaimed A Touch of Zen, trailblazing Chinese filmmaker King Hu brings together an all-star female cast, including Hong Kong cinema stalwart Li Li-Hua and Angela "Lady Whirlwind" Mao, in this lively martial arts adventure. When Lee Khan, an official working for Mongolian Emperor Yuan of the Yuan Dynasty procures the battle map of the Chinese rebel army, Chinese resistance fighters, aided by an undercover girl-gang within Khan's ranks, strive to corner him in an inn. Featuring stunning action sequences choreographed by Jackie Chan's "kung fu elder brother" Sammo Hung and a generous mix of intrigue and humor - The Fate of Lee Khan is a legendary wuxia masterpiece. New 2K restoration.

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