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Series Info
Series:50 Years of Bijou
35mm Film
Film Info
Runtime:94 minutes
Director:Terrence Malick
Year Released:1973
Production Country:USA


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Presented by the Bijou Film Board, and as part of the 50 Years of Bijou program.
FREE for UI students (present student ID at box office) and $8.00 for the general public!

Presented in 35mm!

“In the fall of 1973, one could see signposts of cinema's future in Mean Streets and The Exorcist, yet with this youthful pair of proto-indie dreamers, Malick was paving a whole new road. It turned out to be the path most traveled.” - Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out

“Malick's love and respect for the natural world as it frames and moves characters is palpable and on full display, the film heightened by superb performances and Malick's incredible direction.” - Anne Brodie, What She Said

Inspired by real-life killers Charles Starkweather and Caril-Ann Fugate, this tale of crime and love begins in a dead-end town. Teenage girl Holly (Sissy Spacek) angers her father (Warren Oates) when she begins dating an older and rebellious boy (Martin Sheen). After a conflict between Holly and her father erupts in murder, the young lovers are forced to flee. In the ensuing crime spree, they journey through the Midwest to the Badlands of Montana, eluding authorities along the way.

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