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Series Info
Series:Late Shift at the Grindhouse
Film Info
Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:66 minutes
Director:Sean Donohue (Die Die Delta Pi)
Year Released:2016
Production Country:United States


Wednesday gets weird when Late Shift at the Grindhouse hosts Ross Meyer, Joe Derderian, and Aaron Holmgren dig up low-budget b-movies, horror and gore-fests, and camp classics for your viewing pleasure. Buy your ticket and take a ride in our Time Machine! Punch in and earn a bonus! $3 Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboys and $2 small popcorn! PLUS -- special custom trash trailer reel curated by Ross with cheap swag and prize giveaways!

Cannibal Claus (2016)

Directed by Sean Donahue (Die Die Delta Pi)

It's Christmas Eve and Santa is out and about spreading joy... with a hatchet and some BBQ skewers. 

Show up early for photos with our own very bad Santa in the lobby.

"Cannibal Claus is another fucking disgusting piece of raunchy cinema... and I fucking love it!" - Mac Brewer,


"Let us not forget that this movie contains nudity, drug use, cannibalism, swearing and a Santa Claus who you definitely don’t want coming down your chimney." - Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins, Horror Screams Video Vault


"It’s a movie of incredible bad taste but it’s also pretty entertaining provided you can see it for exactly what it is. It’s trash and it’s proud of that fact. The thing is, it’s competently made, both amusing and horrifying in equal measures. It’s designed to offend but hilariously, it impressively feels Christmassy." - Carl Fisher, Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

Cannibal Claus is the modern tale of a mall Santa Claus who is down on his luck at Christmas time.  Instead of staying in on Christmas Eve, he decides to go out and punish the naughty in this blood drenched, meat filled cannibal feast!  Watch if you dare, Cannibal Claus is guaranteed to leave you repulsed!  

Starring underground horror's own Bob Glazier (Amerikan Holocaust, Death-Scort Service, Chaos A.D.) as the sleaziest Santa Claus yet.  Deck your balls with the most goretastic Christmas horror film ever!

Plus a Something Weird Christmas short film!