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Series Info
Series:Late Shift at the Grindhouse
Film Info
Runtime:86 minutes
Director:Edmund Purdom and Alan Birkinshaw (Killer's Moon)
Year Released:1986
Production Country:United Kingdom


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Don't Open Till Christmas (1984)

Directed by Edmund Purdom and Alan Birkinshaw (Killer's Moon)

It's just days before Christmas in London, but not everyone is full of good cheer - as a maniac with a pathological hatred of Santa Claus stalks the streets, butchering any man that’s unlucky enough to be wandering around dressed as Old Saint Nick.

"Passable gore F/X like a spear through the head via the mouth, plenty of plunging knives and a castration scene that will give all guys a cold feeling deep inside.  Caroline Munro shows up in a skin tight dress so how bad can it really be?" - Ken Kish, Video Wasteland: Rental, Reference and Review Guide


"Santas are dismembered, strangled, burned, and slashed, and one Santa is castrated in a public toilet." - Michael J. Weldon, The Psychotronic Video Guide


"For 80-minutes of unintentional chuckles at the expense of a wildly inept actor-turned-filmmaker, they don't come much better than Don't Open Till Christmas." - Tim Greaves, DVD Delirium


"The repellant, ultra mean-spirited vibe of Don't Open... is to me a plus." - Michelle Alexander, Weng's Chop


“It's a marvelous, sick, fun-filled diamond in the rough that's as good of a way to spread holiday cheer as any other.” - Art Ettinger

Whatever you do, Don't Open Till Christmas. An unsung 1980s holiday slayride from the makers of Pieces, this unhinged slasher follows a psychopath as they slaughter anyone who's unlucky enough to be dressed like Santa Claus during the holiday season. The twisted maniac dishes out stabbings, gunshots, a castration (!), and even burns the face of a poor Saint Nick while he's roasting chestnuts. A fascinating and endlessly entertaining sleazefest, Don't Open Till Christmas is infamous for its shocking gore scenes and gratuitous synth-jam performance from horror icon Caroline Munro (Dracula A.D. 1972, Maniac). Newly restored from the original 35mm camera negative!