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Series:New Release Films
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Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:171 mins with intermission
Year Released:2017
Production Country:Various


"Thank the gods of cinema for this annual release of Oscar nominees." -San Francisco Chronicle

 "Short films remain a great way to discover new talent in its infancy. Past short film winners have included John Lasseter, Peter Capaldi, Jim Henson, Don Siegel, Taylor Hackford and Steven Wright." -RogerEbert.com 

FilmScene is pleased to continue our popular annual tradition of screening the Oscar-nominated short films. A perennial hit with audiences around the country (and now the world), don’t miss this year's selection of shorts. The Academy Awards take place Sunday, Feb. 26--join us for our Blue Carpet Bash!

All three programs featuring every Academy Award nominee in the Animated, Live Action, and Documentary Shorts programs will screen multiple times thru February with individual ticketing for each program.


Parental Rating Note: The Documentary Shorts program is recommended as suitable for ages 16 and up.


Dir. Kahane Cooperman, USA, 24 minutes

During a drive to donate musical instruments to public schools, 91-year-old Holocaust survivor Joseph Feingold offers his beloved violin, which he has played for more than 70 years. The instrument goes to the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls, where young musician Brianna Perez is inspired to become friends with her benefactor.

Dr. Dan Krauss, USA, 24 minutes

At the Intensive Care Unit at Highland Hospital in Oakland, California, palliative care specialist Dr. Jessica Zitter treats terminally ill patients. As she and her team provide the best possible care, they try to help the patients and their loved ones make critical, often heartbreaking decisions.

Dir. Daphne Matziaraki, USA, 22 minutes

Kyriakos Papadopoulos, a captain in the Greek Coast Guard, is caught in the struggle of refugees fleeing the Middle East and traveling the short distance from the coast of Turkey to the island of Lesbos. Despite having limited resources, the captain and his crew attempt to save lives during the immense humanitarian crisis.

NOTE: There will be a 10-minute intermission between Programs A and B.


Dir. Marcel Mettelsiefen, UK, 39 minutes

Four young children live with their mother and father, a Free Syrian Commander, in a warzone in Aleppo, Syria. After their father is captured by ISIS, the children flee with their mother to Goslar, Germany, in a years-long journey that will test them all as they try to find a safe home in a foreign country.

Dr. Orlando von Einsiedel, UK, 41 minutes

In the chaos of war-torn Syria, unarmed and neutral civilian volunteers known as "the white helmets" comb through the rubble after bombings to rescue survivors. Although they have already saved more than 60,000 lives since 2013, these brave first responders continue to place themselves in danger every day.